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Member Reviews in the Admin

The new member reviews module provides an easier user experience, making it easy to manage incoming reviews submitted by the website users.

There are options to filter:

  • Review Status  
  • Filter by overall Rating
  • Search by Date Range
  • Filter by Keyword
  • Email

Review Status Database Values
For Developers: The corresponding values below are how review statuses are saved in the database. 

  • Pending = 0
  • Accepted = 2
  • Declined = 3
  • Waiting for Admin = 4

The option to select all reviews and bulk change their status  is also possible:

A quick link to edit the review settings is also available on the same page. Through this module, one will be able to edit General Settings for reviews, as well as profile, search results design and notifications.


This button will open the review settings module which is very similar to the Post Settings section of the admin. An in-depth overview of this module can be reviewed at the following link: Edit Post Settings

The main difference from other post type settings is the Notifications tab, where it is possible to enable or disable the following email notifications:

Admin Notifications:

  • Notify Admin when review submitted?: When enabled it will send the admin-review-notification Email Template to the Default Website Email address when a review is submitted.

Member Notifications:

  • Notify Member when they receive a review?: Turning on this setting will send the recommendation-member Email Template to the member's email address when they receive a review. Please note this does not apply if admin needs to manually approve review.

Submitter Notifications:

  • Notify the submitter of a review that it has been received?: Sends the recommendation-visitor Email Template to the submitter of a review after it has been received.

  • Notify the submitter of a review that it has been approved?: Sends the recommendation-accepted Email Template to the submitter of a review after it has been published.

Review Module

  1. Review ID.
  2. Actions drop-down. (Explained below)
  3. Date the review was submitted. 
  4. IP Address of the review submitter. It can be blocked if it ends up being a SPAM submission.
  5. Quick Edit options for the member:


  • Edit review: While we do not recommend editing reviews, the option is there for all directory owners to control what gets published on the website. 
  • Delete review: One can quickly delete any undesired review on the website. 

Review Details

The last section of this module includes the details of the review:

This would include:

  • Status
  • Rating Overview
  • Title
  • Full review
  • Name of the review submitter 
  • Email of the review submitter

From here the status of the review can be changed manually: 

If the status is changed manually, 4 new options will show up:

  • Do not send email notifications 
  • Email Member about this update 
  • Email Reviewer about this update
  • Email Member and Reviewer about this update

Member Reviews on the Profiles 

Reviews can be left for the members profiles using the "Write a Review" button:

Which will open up the Reviews form:

This form opens using the default URL:  /writeareview :

To change this default URL go to: 

Settings > Advanced Settings > Default Member Review URL:

If the option for Image Upload With Reviews is enabled in the Membership Plan > Profile Page:


The user will get to a second screen that allows them to upload images:

All reviews are then shown in the "Reviews" tab and the star rating is shown above the "Write a Review" button. Reviews are displayed allowing one decimal place for review totals:

Reviews will have their designated search results page /reviews where visitors can check all the reviews that have been submitted in the site:

The date format showing on the reviews search results page will correspond to the one selected under Settings » General Settings » Localization: