How to Customize the Default Post Types Code


All Brilliant Directories sites are launched with no custom Post Type code saved in the database, instead, the default code will exist in the local database from the beginning. However, many users of the software find useful to customize the layout of how Member Post Types (articles, coupons, videos, etc) display on a website.  

To learn how to Edit the code of post types, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to My Content >> Edit Post Settings and click on Edit for the post type to be customized.

2. Move to the tab where the code needs to be edited: Profile Page Design, Search Results or Page Detail and click on the View/Edit Code button, the system will load the default code.

3. Edit the code accordingly and save the changes:

If the custom code is deleted and the user clicks on save changes, confirmation will be asked to remove the custom code, otherwise it will cause duplicate content due that it matches the default.

To learn how to Reset to Default Post Types Code, click on this article: How to Reset to Default Post Types Code