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The Search Subscriptions page gives the Admin access to a set of filters to search and edit subscriptions from all members of the site.

This page can be found by navigating to Finance >> Search Subscriptions in the Admin area of a site.

These are the available filters to search for subscriptions: 

  • Search by Member Name or Member ID,
  • Member Email
  • Date Created
  • Next Due Date
  • Subscription Date Ended
  • Subscription ID
  • Invoice ID
  • Membership Plan (Product)
  • Member Status
  • Subscription Status
  • Billing Cycle*

When searching by billing cycles, the admin can select more than one option here:

In the results, hovering the mouse over the member's name will display information about the member along with several links to take action on the member:


Account Details: Links to the member's Account Details page, which contains an overview of information about the specific member.

Quick Edit: Edit several attributes of the member without logging into their account.

Compose Email:  Send an email to the member. Use an existing email template or send a custom email.

Update Credit Card: Update the payment method associated with this member.

View Live Profile: View the live profile of the member as seen by visitors to the website.

Login as Member: Login to the member's Dashboard as if they logged in to their account.

Payment History: See the complete billing history of this member.

Change Password: Assign a new password for the member. 

Clicking on the ID will show all transactions related to this subscription:

The Next Payment and Subscription columns will show important information regarding the next due date and the current membership plan:


Clicking on History will open up the Received Payments tab in the Transaction History for this member:

The Actions Drop Down menu will provide the options to either End or Edit the Subscription:

In this section, there are 4 fields that can be modified: 

  1. Payment Amount 
  2. Billing Cycle 
  3. Next Payment Due Date 
  4. Delete Invoice

Also, at the bottom, Internal Subscription Notes can be added:

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.