Signing Up As A Member


When the Membership Plans have been set up, we recommend performing a few tests to make sure the payment gateway was properly set up prior to launching the website.

These test purchases can be refunded and they won't impact the website revenue. 

Before starting with the test, please make sure the site has a payment gateway "Active" under Finance >> Payment Settings: 

If the site doesn't have an active payment gateway yet, please select one from the Supported Payment Gateways

How to test the billing module?

1. Temporarily edit the Membership Plan monthly price to $1. This is not necessary, however, is a good practice for test purchases when using real credit cards. 

To do this please go to the admin and click on Finance >> Membership Plans. 

2. Select one of the paid memberships and click on Edit.

3. Then go to the "Sign Ups & Upgrades" Tab and change the amount of the monthly membership to $1. 

Save changes:

*Note: Do not select the "Admin Only" option for this test, because we will signup as a new member, not as an admin. This option will hide the payment information in the payment form. 

4. Click on the "Sign Up Page" button:  

5. It will redirect to the paid checkout form. 

Fill the form and make sure you've selected the $1 option.

6. Please add the credit card information. 

Important Notes in this step: 

  • If the site is using Stripe the look of the Enter Credit Information fields will change a little bit. Please see the image above. 
  • If the site is using PayPal Standard, PayFast, 2Checkout, or any other off-site payment gateway, the credit card fields won't appear in this form. The system will redirect the person to the payment gateway website in order for them to pay.
  • If the site is using PayPal Payflow,, or any other on-site payment gateway, the credit card fields will show up in the checkout form.

7. When clicked on "Create My Profile", the system will process the payment. A pop-up will show up, click on the "Click To Continue" button: 

Important Note: The message that displays on the pop-up above will depend on the After Sign Up, Set Account Status As setting assigned to this membership plan. The above message will display if the "Active Account" option is selected:

If the "Inactive Account, Requires Email Verification" option is selected:

The message below will appear:

If the "On Hold, Requires Admin Approval" option is selected:

The message below will appear:

All these wordings can be edited under Text Labels directly.

8. The system will log in the member automatically into his account. 

From the Owner's Perspective 

After all the steps below have been completed, a new profile will be created as "Active" in the member's section. 

Also, a transaction will appear in the "Transaction History" section in the Finance tab of the Admin area.

Sign Up Errors

To know what happens when the payment fails during the signup process, please read this article: Attempted Sign Up - No Payment Collected


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