Please see the steps below for connecting the payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal Standard, 2Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro,

1. Setting up an account with a supported payment gateway:

If the website does not already have an account with a supported payment gateway, please set one up. 

We have a list of our supported payment gateways, please check this documentation: Supported Payment Gateways

2. Add New Payment Gateway:

Once the payment gateway has been selected, please set up an account with the payment gateway of choice. Under Finance >> Payment Settings, there is a list of available gateways, click on the "Add New Payment Gateway" drop-down and select one of them:

NOTE: Stripe and PayPal are the most used payment gateways, however before one of them is chosen, please read the article "Stripe or PayPal Standard?"

3. Enter the account's credentials:


Each gateway requires different credentials in order to connect it with Brilliant Directories. 

Please keep in mind that the payment gateway will use the Website Currency selected under Settings >> General Settings >> Configuration. 

4. Verify that it is labeled as "Active":

Complete a test transaction by signing up as a new member on the front-end of the website.

Deleting a Payment Gateway 

If a payment gateway needs to be deleted, please make sure to set up a new one and then make it "Active". After that, try to delete the old one. Trying to delete the active one will make this message appear: 

When there is more than one payment gateway, the one that is not active can be deleted: 

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.