Finance » Payment Settings - Setting Up A Payment Gateway


Please see the steps below for connecting the payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal Standard, 2Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro,

1. Setting up an account with a supported payment gateway:

If the website does not already have an account with a supported payment gateway, please set one up. 

We have a list of our supported payment gateways, please check this documentation: Supported Payment Gateways

2. Add New Payment Gateway:

Once the payment gateway has been selected, please set up an account with the payment gateway of choice. Under Finance >> Payment Settings, there is a list of available gateways, click on the "Add New Payment Gateway" drop-down and select one of them:

NOTE: Stripe and PayPal are the most used payment gateways, however before one of them is chosen, please read the article "Stripe or PayPal Standard?"

3. Enter the account's credentials:


Each gateway requires different credentials in order to connect it with Brilliant Directories. 

Please keep in mind that the payment gateway will use the Website Currency selected under Settings >> General Settings >> Configuration. 

Important Note: When adding credentials for Stripe gateway, there will be additional validation on each key field as the valid credentials should be between 25 and 255 characters and the key cannot include dots (ex: ....).

Stripe Credentials - How To Roll Key

4. Verify that it is labeled as "Active":

Complete a test transaction by signing up as a new member on the front-end of the website.

Updating a Payment Gateway

When adding an additional payment gateway, a notification will show indicating that making the new gateway active will not migrate active subscriptions to the new gateway and that the other gateways need to be deleted in order for the migration to occur:

Please note that if the previous payment gateway was an on-site payment gateway and the update is to another on-site gateway (, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow pro) the billing database will keep the member's billing information on file and if there are any past due invoices the system will still attempt to bill the card on file using the new payment gateway.

This does not apply when the payment gateway update is from an off-site payment gateway to another off-site, from Stripe to another on-site or from Stripe to another off-site gateway.

The table below describes this information in detail: 

Current Payment GatewayNew Payment GatewayBilling Information on File  Automatically Transferred, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow pro
Yes, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow pro, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow proYes, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow proNo 
PayPal Express / Standard, PayFast, VerifoneNo, or PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal PayFlow proPayPal Express / Standard, PayFast, VerifoneNo
PayPal Express / Standard, PayFast, VerifonePayPal Express / Standard, PayFast, VerifoneNo

For more details on which payment gateway are on-site or off-site, please refer to this article: Supported Payment Gateways

Deleting a Payment Gateway

If a payment gateway needs to be deleted, please make sure to set up a new one and then make it "Active".

After that, try to delete the old one. Trying to delete the active one will make this message appear: 

When there is more than one payment gateway, the one that is not active can be deleted: