Generating a CSR for an SSL certificate in cPanel


SSL providers request a CSR for ownership verification and to enhance security by generating a unique key pair tied to the specific server and domain. The CSR includes details about the organization and domain, contributing to the customization and validation of the SSL certificate.

Go to Developer Hub>> cPanel Dashboard:

Navigate to "SSL/TLS" Section, or look for SSL/TLS:

Choose "Generate, View, or Delete SSL Certificate Signing Requests":

Fill in the required information such as the domain name, organization details, and location. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information.

The Domains field should list all of the domains and subdomains that will be covered by the SSL Certificate purchased.


Could be *

Or could be:


After filling in the necessary details, click on the button Generate to create the CSR.

It is crucial for the user to securely save the CSR and private key. The CSR will be required when purchasing an SSL certificate, and the private key is essential for installing the certificate on the server.