What are Listing Types and the Differences Between Company vs. Individual Profiles

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000086978-what-are-listing-types-and-the-differences-between-company-vs-individual-profiles

Listing Type is a setting and a default form field on the Listing - Contact Details - Member form that allows users to choose what type of listing their profiles should be:

This setting holds a specific functionality:

If a member selects the Personal / Individual option, their First Name + Last Name and their Profile Photo will be used on their public profiles. 

If a member selects the Company / Organization option, their Company Name + Profile Logo will be used on their public profiles.

Using the member above as an example, we can see their First Name, Last Name, and Company Name information in the screenshot. The screenshot below shows the member's Profile Photo related information:

And below are the differences between profile views, depending on which listing type is selected:

Personal / Individual Profile

Company / Organization Profile

The listing type of a member can also be specified in the Admin, under Search Members >> Quick Edit Module:

How To Automatically Assign a Specific Listing Type To Membership Plans

It is possible to auto-assign a specific listing type to a membership plan so any members who sign up for that membership plan will have this setting pre-selected. To accomplish this, navigate to Finance >> Membership Plans and click Edit on preferred membership plan:

And search for the wording "pre-select listing type" in the search module and select the preferred option under the Pre-select Listing Type setting:

This will pre-select the listing type when a member signs up for this specific membership plan but these members still will be able to change their listing types later on via their Member Dashboard.

To not allow members to change their listing type, first, identify the Contact Details Form being used for this membership plan under Member's Dashboard tab and click on Edit Form:

And customize the form to change the Type of Field of the listing_type field from Dropdown List to be Hidden Field:

Pre-selecting a listing type via membership plan and making this field a hidden field will make sure these members will always be a specific listing type. This can be a very helpful workaround if a membership plan is dedicated to only businesses.