Edit Checkout Pages: Add, Edit & Remove Input Fields

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We do not recommend removing default fields from checkout pages because it may cause issues with member sign-ups and payment gateway requirements. 

To add or remove fields, the sign-up forms first need to be customized. Go to Toolbox > Form Manager

Which form to customize will depend on the payment gateway used on the website. We have On-site (Integrated) and Off-site (Hosted) payment gateways. Visit our article: Supported Payment Gateways to know which payment gateway is being used, take a look at the "Type of Gateway". 


Forms to Edit

If the type of gateway is On-Site, then edit the following forms: 

  • signup_free
  • whmcs_signup_paid

If the type of gateway is Off-Site, then edit the following forms:

  • signup_free
  • whmcs_signup_external 

Note: We recommend hiding the field instead of removing it completely (Step 6 below).  

To learn more about form fields, please visit our article: In-Depth Look Into Form Fields And Their Settings

Adding the "First Name" Field

By default, paid signups won't have a first name field, members can add that information in the Contact Details form.  

However, if for some reason it needs to be added, then a new field can be created and it needs to use the system variable "member_first_name", like the example below:  

Note: Do not use the variable "first_name" because it is used in the "Card Name" field and it will cause issues. The correct one to use is "member_first_name"

When the new field has been added, it will look like this: 

To add the First Name on the Member - Sign Up - Free form you can use first_name just like the Listing - Contact Details - Member Form.

Saving Billing Address in Member Profiles 

There is an advanced setting called "save_user_data_billing_information" that will allow the billing address information entered during the signup process as the member's profile address as well.

The only exception would be first_name in paid signup forms. 

This field can be added by following the instructions above: Adding the "First Name" field.

Editing the Countries

Restricting countries is possible on the checkout pages. 

If the website will only be for people in the US, then making the United States the only "Featured or Active Country" and changing all other countries to "Not Active" will make it so that only the United States will show up here: 

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