How to Create New Membership Plans - Add Free or Paid Membership Plans


In this article, we are going to explain how to set up Free Membership Plans. It means, members do not need to pay to join the website. The same concept will work for paid plans, you would just set a sign-up price for paid membership plans.

In order to set this up, please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the admin and click on Finance >> Membership Plans >> Find the membership plan that needs to be set as "Free" and click on Edit: 



2. Then go to the "Sign Ups & Upgrades" tab and make sure that the "Account Type" is Free

When the "Free" option has been selected, the pricing options will be hidden.  

The only one that is not hidden is the "Price To Purchase Leads" option. 

Usually, free members need to pay for leads and any other paid posts or services offered by the admin.  

3. Also in the General tab, make sure to select "Sign Up Email Sent" --> "Welcome-basic" and also make sure the "After Sign Up, Set Account Status As:" is set to "Inactive Account, Requires Email Verification".

This way, members need to verify their accounts before they become active.  

5. When everything has been set up, please make a test creating a new member.

In order to do this, please scroll up and click on the "Sign Up Page" button:


Now, the "Select a Payment Option" won't show up and the system will display this form where they can add their email and password. 

We also have documentation on how to set up recurring payments: please find it here: Setting up Recurring Payments

To create one-time subscriptions, please read this article: Setting up One Time Payments

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