Setting up One Time Payments


In this article, we are going to explain how to set up one-time payments only or a service fee + a monthly, semi-yearly, or yearly payment. 

Depending on the website idea, some website owners want to add a one-time payment membership (Same as what we do here at Brilliant Directories).  

If this is the case, please follow these simple steps to set it up correctly:

1. Go to Finance >> Membership Plans and click on Edit: 


2. If need to set up a one-time fee only, please go to the "Sign Ups & Upgrades" tab. 

Then scroll down and add the price in the "One-time setup fee" option. 

Leave blank the monthly, semi-yearly and yearly or type a "0".  

3. Make sure the "Account type" says "Paid".

About the "Preferred Payment Term" option, it doesn't matter what is chosen, it won't affect the one-time payment. 

4. Then scroll down and in the "Sign Up Settings" section, make sure to select "Sign Up Email Sent" --> "Welcome-paid-member": 

5. When everything has been set up, please make a test creating a new member.

In order to do this, please scroll up and click on the "Sign Up Page" button: 

Now, in the "Select a Payment Option" should be the amount added to the membership plan settings as a one-time payment:  



If need to create a one-time fee + a recurring payment, please add a price to the "One-time Setup Fee" and to the monthly, yearly, semi-yearly, and quarterly options. 

We also have documentation on how to set up recurring payments: please find it here: Setting up Recurring Payments

To create Free Membership Plans please read this documentation: Setting up Free Membership Plans

To edit the amounts displayed on the /join page, please read these articles: