Bulk Delete Or Move All Members From A Specific Membership Plan

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000021382-bulk-delete-or-move-all-members-from-a-specific-membership-plan

In this article, we will explain how to delete or move all members from a specific membership plan to another. This is a great feature, especially when importing members. 

We recommend importing all members in a membership plan that has no other members so that could easily bulk delete them if there was an issue with the import. The imported members can be easily moved to an active membership plan once the import is complete and verified. 

Deleting Members

To delete all members from a specific membership plan please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Finance >> Membership Plans.
  2. Click on "Actions" and select "Delete options":

  3. Select an option:

    - Only delete members from this membership plan.
    - Delete membership plan and all its members.

  4. Click "Yes, Continue"

  5. All members listed in that membership plan will be deleted. 

Moving Members

To move members from one membership plan to another, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to Finance >> Membership Plans
  2. Click on "Actions" and select "Move Members":

  3. Select the membership plan where these members need to be moved and hit "Continue":

Click "Yes, Continue"

All members will be moved to the new membership plan.