How to Add a Sidebar to a Static Page


To add a sidebar to a static page, navigate to Content » Edit Web Pages » Click "Edit" for the existing page OR click the New Web Page button to create a new web page:

» How to Create a New Static Page

The sidebar options will be under the Display Options tab:

Display Options

  1. Show Sidebar - Select what type of sidebar this page will use:

  2. Sidebar Position - This determines which side to show the sidebar on:

  3. Breadcrumb - Add a breadcrumb trail:

  4. Display Options - With these options, it is possible to:

    - Hide Header
    - Hide Footer
    - Hide Header Links
    - Hide Main Menu
    - Hide Banner Ads
    - NoIndex, NoFollow
    - Full-Width Page
    - Disable Default CSS Stylesheets

This is how the page looks before adding the sidebar:

This is how the page looks like after saving the new Sidebar display settings: