Changing the membership level for an entire group of members via SQL


At times, you may be required to change the membership level of an entire group of members. If this is the case, you'll want to follow these instructions.

Note: You can identify the subscription_id by going to Finance>Membership Plans in the Admin:

1. Go to Developers - MySQL Database:

2. Click on _directory:

3. Select Users_Data table:

3. Click on SQL:

4. Write this command: UPDATE `users_data` SET subscription_id = 3 WHERE subscription_id = 8

IMPORTANT: In this example,  subscription_id = 3 is the membership level I would like all members that currently belong to subscription_id = 8 moved to. After completing this step, all members that used to have subscription_id = 8 will now have subscription_id = 3.


5. Click on "go"


6. You should receive a positive confirmation message such as this one: