Approving Member Reviews from the Admin


Once a member receives a review, they will be notified via email that a new review has been submitted for their listing. The member is then able to log in to their member account and chooses whether to approve the review or decline it. 

This allows members who signed up on the site to effectively manage their online reputation.

Alternatively, reviews can be approved by the administrator of the site.

This can be accomplished by going to Interactions » Member Reviews in the side navigation menu in the Admin area of your site.

A list of reviews will appear, it contains all reviews that have been received on the directory. In this section, reviews can be manually approved or declined.

The status can be changed per review:


If the status is changed manually, 4 new options will show up:

  • Do not send email notifications 
  • Email Member about this update 
  • Email Reviewer about this update
  • Email Member and Reviewer about this update


Also, there is an option to bulk change the status: