What Access Do I Get With My Brilliant Directories License?

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/5000677699-what-access-do-i-get-with-my-brilliant-directories-license-

One of the most common questions that come up during the pre-sale process is whether Brilliant Directories is a SaaS (software as a service) or a Self-Hosted Solution. Potential users understandably want to know whether or not they will have access to modify the functionality and design of their website to their liking. Most SaaS solutions lock you into specific designs, and do not allow you to customize the core functionality of the software (how searches are run, which features are available, adding custom functionality, and so forth). 

While Brilliant Directories is currently offered as a SaaS solution, users of the software have a lot more access to the code, their hosting, and the settings of the software than is typically available with these types of solutions.

Here are FOUR of the key areas that Brilliant Directories website owners have access to.

1. Access To Your Database

Every license comes with full access to its database, which contains all of the content, custom widgets, member information, and design settings that make the website unique. With a click of a button you can instantly access all of your member data. Each time a member adds a coupon, video, classified post, updates their profile or receives a message, this information gets stored in your database. This access gives any developer the access they need to develop custom APIs, read, write, update, delete, and otherwise interact with all of the information stored on your site.

2. Access To Your cPanel Account

Direct access to your cPanel account means that your team will have access to all of the settings and functionality of a typical cPanel account that you would find with more traditional Self-Hosted solution.  From here, you can manage your email accounts, MX records, DNS Zone records (CNAME, A Records, TXT records, SPF records, etc), create subdomains to point to separate hosting accounts, create additional database users, download backups of your website and its data, and everything else cPanel has to offer.

3. Access To Website Widgets That Run Your Website

You have access to all of the Brilliant Directories code with the exception of 1% which is protected to keep all of our customers' data safe and secure. By clicking "show widgets" all of the widgets on the page will appear on your website. Clicking on the "Member Results" widget for example will give you complete access to the code that powers your search results.  By editing the widgets of your site, you can modify both the aesthetics and functionality of 99% of the software, and even add additional custom functionality with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

4. Unlimited Updates

Don’t get stuck with outdated plugins that risk security. All of our plans provides unlimited software and security updates to the core of the software.

Brilliant Directories provides software updates for life. Our team is continually integrating the latest technologies into the platform, making Brilliant Directories the industry leader in online directory software. As a Full License customer, you will get the latest features for life!