This section collects messages sent to the website through the Contact Us form and the Newsletter Subscription forms on the front end of the website. It will display the number of unopened or pending messages:

The forms that collect these messages are the Contact Us form and the Newsletter Signup form:

An automated email will also be sent to the websites' admin email once the Contact Us form has been filled out by a user of the site. 

Once inside the message, there are 4 available actions: View, Reply, and Actions (Archive - Delete)

View Full Inquiry: will open a modal with the information related to the message being viewed. 

Reply to Inquiry: it will send a reply message to the sender of the inquiry. Add a personal message in the Email Content section, or select an email template from the drop-down:

Delete Inquiry: removes the message from the system.

Notes field: reminders or useful information about this message.

Bulk Actions: the Bulk Actions drop-down menu is used to Mark new messages that have already been archived, or to Delete messages that are no longer needed.

Filter By Form: filter by form, allows a more organized background of the inquiries submitted.

Display From Everyone: filter by Members Only or Non-Members

Filter By Status: forms can be sorted by New or Archived.

List Actions:  this functionality allows for the creation of an emailing list from the search results generated on this page. To learn more about how Smart Lists work, please review the following documentation: Members » Smart Lists

Important Note: If the website has been set to the Staging Mode, How To Activate "Staging Mode" / "Coming Soon" Splash Page As The Homepage messages submitted using this form will also show up in the Forms Inbox section of the admin.

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE