Why would I want to secure my site with SSL / HTTPS?

There are many benefits to securing the website with an SSL Certificate / HTTPS:

  • All payment pages can use their own domain name, rather than the default secured "" domain name that processes payments by default
  • Increased confidence from the site's member's and visitors
  • Potentially higher rankings from Google and other search engines (more information about Google's use of HTTPS as a ranking signal here)
  • Overall increased security for all non-billing information submitted on the site (all billing information is already secured by SSL / HTTPS by default for all sites)
  • The Admin area of the site is automatically secured with HTTPS

If the admin would like the site to receive all of the benefits above, we offer an SSL Security Add-On

What do I get when I order the SSL / HTTPS Add-On?

When purchasing this service, the admin will receive the following:

  • One-click configuration and Installation of the SSL certificate on the website
  • An update to the entire website to enable the use HTTPS for all pages, including the Member Dashboard and Admin area
  • Setup of the billing pages of the site to use their own domain instead of
  • An update to the server files to redirect all old HTTP pages to the new HTTPS pages


The SSL Certificate costs $95 per year to keep the SSL / HTTPS security active.  If the admin provided and installed their own 3rd party SSL Certificate through cPanel, the admin would only need to pay $39 per year for the ongoing maintenance of the service.

How to order the SSL / HTTPS installation service for the site

Order the SSL Security Add-On here:


I already purchased an SSL Certificate from another provider, can I use this one instead?

Yes!  The can install their own certificate through cPanel (Admin area >> Developers >> cPanel Dashboard).  Once the admin has successfully installed their own certificate, simply submit a ticket requesting that we enable all of the settings for their site to route traffic to HTTPS.

If I provide my own SSL Certificate, does this change the cost in any way?

There is no charge if the admin purchase and install their 3rd party SSL Certificate on theirown.  Please note that we cannot provide support for the self-installation of 3rd party SSL Certificates, but our Support Team is able to assist with any issues encountered with the SSL Security Add-On purchased directly through Brilliant Directories.

Can I use Brilliant Directories Credits for this service?

Yes, credits may be used to purchase this or any full-priced Add-On.