Email Forwarders


Email Forwarders Not Supported

IMPORTANT: The Email Forwarders functionality has been removed from our implementation of cPanel as of June, 2024.  Due to the way this functionality works in cPanel, it caused several issues for users. Some of these issue included:

  • Not all emails being forwarded properly based on the domain settings of the email sender and the receiver of the forwarded email
  • Sendgrid blocking emails from being sent to accounts hosted in cPanel, preventing the Admins of sites from getting notification emails
  • The domain reputation and reputation of the server being harmed when SPAM emails are forwarded through this system

While email forwarders can no longer be added or modified, any existing email forwarders will remain in place.  If an email forwarder needs to be removed from a site, please submit a ticket to our Support Team for assistance.

Recommendations to Replace Email Forwarders

The recommended alternative for using email forwarders is to use an email app that can send and receive emails from multiple email accounts in one place:

  • GmailFree Gmail accounts or paid Google Workspace email accounts can connect to 3rd party email accounts to send and receive emails.  Please see the Gmail documentation for more information:

  • Thunderbird - This is a free desktop email application from Mozilla, the makers of the FireFox browser. Thunderbird offers an app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

  • Apple Mail - Apple includes a free email client that can connect to 3rd party email accounts for all of their devices and operating systems.

  • Windows Mail and Microsoft Outlook - Microsoft includes the Windows Mail and Outlook for Windows applications for free on devices using Windows 10 or newer. Both of these applications can connect to 3rd party email accounts.