Member Tags & Tag Groups


Member Tags are designed to give the website owner more control over member management. With Member Tags, it is possible to add specific tags to members, making it easier than ever to organize and categorize them according to unique criteria.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Tags: Create and assign tags to members based on attributes, behaviors, interests, or any custom parameters.
  • Smartlists Creation: Group members with similar tags to form dynamic smartlists, allowing for targeted communication and streamlined management.
  • Enhanced Control: Easily filter, search, and manage members by tags, ensuring a quickly access and update member information as needed.
  • Improved Engagement: Tailor interactions and marketing efforts by targeting specific groups, improving engagement and satisfaction.

How to Add Member Tags & Tag Groups

  • Go to My Members.
  • Click on Smart Lists & Tags.

Member Tags

Move to the Member Tags tab and click on the "New Member Tag +" button:

A pop up will show to enter the Tag name and select a Tag Group:

  1. Enter a Tag name.
  2. Select a Tag Group.
  3. Click on "Yes, Continue" to add the tag.

Once the Tag has been created it can be deleted or edited. Hover over the Actions button to Delete the tag:

Click on Edit to change the name or reassign to a different Tag Group:

Tag Groups

A per default, all websites come with a tag group named "Custom Tags", this group cannot be edited or deleted. However, additional Tag Groups can be added for a more granular control. 

To add a Tag Group follow these steps:

  • Go to My Members.
  • Click on Smart Lists & Member Tags.
  • Move to the Tag Groups tab and click on "New Tag Group +":

  • Enter a Tag Group Name:

To delete a Tag Group hover over the "Actions" button and click on "Delete":

A pop up will show when deleting a tag group to delete all associated tags or reassign them to a new tag group:

It is also possible to edit the tag group and change the name:

How to Add/Remove Tags 

Bulk Assign/Remove Member tags

Add or remove a tag:

Select one or more tags to add/remove:

Assign/Remove Tags to Individual Members

Assign Tags to Member Imports

It is possible to assign a specific tag to each member import, this helps segmenting lists, prevent duplicates and allows the admin to organize each import into specific groups.

The steps on how to assign the Tag when importing members can be found in this article: How To Import Members Via CSV File.