Email Limit Boost


Is your membership community growing faster than expected? All Website Plans are allocated 1,500 daily email sends (45,000 free emails each month – for life). The Email Limit Boost removes the 1,500 daily limit and increases your total monthly send limit.

Perfect for Websites That:

  • Frequently reach the free 1,500 daily limit
  • Send newsletters to all members and email subscribers
  • Have high activity levels resulting in a large volume of notification emails
  • Need to accommodate business growth and reach larger audiences

Get This Boost
  1. Visit our website: Email Limit Boost

On the website use the slider to ADD to the email limit:

Use the "Add (5,000,10,000,15,000,...) Emails ($x/Mo)" button to increase the limit:

For a customized quote for higher limits, please CONTACT OUR TEAM.