How to Display Additional Member Information in the Member Search Results (Position, Top Category & Sub Categories)



By default the member search results show:

  • Star Rating (if applicable)
  • Short Description or About Snippet*
  • Phone Number
  • Badges

*When the Short Description is left blank, the site will display a snippet from the About section. If there is no Short Description or About information saved, nothing will display.

Displaying Additional Information

Within the Advanced Settings there are three settings that can be enabled which will display additional member information within the Search Results. 

This additional information includes:

  1. Position
  2. Top Level Category / "Category "
  3. Sub Level Categories / "Specialties"

In order to enable these 3 new fields, go to Settings » Advanced Settings and search for the settings shown below.

Display "Position"

Show Member Position In Member Search Results

  • System Variable: member_position_in_results

Display Top Level Category

Show Top Category In Member Search Results

  • System Variable: top_category_in_results

Display Sub Level Categories

Show Sub-Categories In Member Search Results

  • System Variable: sub_category_in_results

Text Labels 

Position: Member Position Label

  • System Variable: search_results_position_label

Category: Member Search Results Category Label

  • System Variable: search_results_category_label

Specialties: uses 2 labels, the default ones for sub and sub-sub categories. 


  • System Variable: [service]

Service Plural

  • System Variable: service_plural

NOTE: If the Search Results are not displaying these new fields, the Search Results code will need to be restored - How to Reset to Default Post Types Code.