When logged into the Account Dashboard, all of the live websites and license credits associated with the Admin account will be shown. All licenses that have been purchased, but are not yet activated, are considered "license credits", and will display in the "Websites Ready to Activate" section of the page.

Each license credit will display the Website ID #, Website Plan, any active Add-Ons subscriptions associated with the credit, and a button to launch a website using the credit: 

There are 2 reasons an account will have license credits. The first reason is it's a brand new, recently purchase license that has not yet been activated. The second reason is a previously-active website has been converted into a credit because it has been has not been actively used for a long time, or the license owner requested it be converted to a credit.

New Credits

Credits related to a license that has never been used as an active website will not have a backup of a previous website associated with it.  In these cases the green button will have a single option: "Click to Activate My Website":

Clicking on this button will launch a new website.

Credits Related to a Previously-Active Website

When a previously-active website is converted to a credit, a full backup of the site is made first, and will be available for up to 1 year from the date it was converted to a credit.

If a credit is related to one of these websites, the green button will be a dropdown with the following options: 

  1. Restore Website from Backup 
  2. Launch New Website or Click To Activate My Website 
  3. Contact Support

Restore Website from Backup

Choosing this option will re-launch the website exactly as it was before it was converted to a credit.   

Launch New Website or Click To Activate My Website

Choosing this option will delete the backup of the previous website and launch a brand new website.  Select this option if the previous site is no longer needed, and a brand new website should be launched instead. 

Contact Support

Choosing this option will allow the site owner to submit a support ticket to our team for additional assistance. 

For any questions regarding this page, please send an email to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE