Edit Form Settings » Developer Settings

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In this article, we will be going over the Developer Settings that can be found under Edit Form Settings:

Form System Name

Here, the form's system name can be specified. Make sure to use no spaces and only input underscores and alphanumeric characters.

Input Field Settings

Field Label Position

Here, the form's label position can be specified:

The front-end view when Labels Above Inputs is selected:

The front-end view when Labels Left of Inputs option is selected:

Use Field Label as Placeholder Text?

If enabled, field labels will display as placeholder texts:

<input> Field CSS Classes

Here, CSS classes that will apply to all input fields can be entered

Bootstrap CSS Forms Reference 

Form Settings

Additional form settings can be found when scrolled down under Developer Settings:

<form> Assing Unique ID

In this section, a unique ID to the selected form can be entered. This will be applied to the <form> element:

<form> CSS Classes

In this section, multiple CSS classes can be applied to the <form> element directly:

<form> Inline Styles

Inline styles that will apply to the <form> element can be added directly here:

Save Action URL

In this section, the default action= attribute of the form can be modified.

ID to Replace After Form Submitted

In this section, a Target ID that will be replaced when the form is submitted can be specified. Please keep in mind that this will only work when "Display Success Pop-Up Message" is enabled under Edit Form Settings >> Submission Settings

Database Settings

Additional database settings can be found when scrolled down under Developer Settings:

What Database Table Should Submissions Post To?

This option will specify which table in the database the information will be saved after the form submission. Only modify if familiar with database tables.

Primary Key

In this section, a unique field identifier can be specified for the database table selected above.