How To Disable/Enable a Widget


NOTE: Only Custom widgets can be disabled, default widgets don't have this option.

Disabling a custom widget will keep the widget on the website, but will prevent the system from using the widget on the live website. This is useful so that the widget is not permanently deleted, instead this disables the widget so it is not active and used on the website.

Please keep in mind that only custom or brand new widgets can be disabled and enabled, these options do not apply to default widgets.

To disable a custom widget, navigate to Toolbox >> Widget Manager and click on Disable under Actions dropdown:

Once clicked, a confirmation pop-up will appear:

Once confirmed, the widget will be highlighted in red, and a "DISABLED" tag will be added to the widget:

To re-enable a widget, simply click on Enable under Actions dropdown:

IMPORTANT: If there are two customized widgets present on a site that have the same exact name, the widget with the greater ID number will be used. To prevent any kind of conflict which can cause confusion, we recommend re-naming or disabling the version of the widget that will not be used on the website.

To filter between the Enabled / Disabled widgets, click on the dropdown: