Generating a New Google Maps API Key


The API key is a unique identifier that authenticates requests associated with the project or website for usage and billing purposes. Each website must have an API key associated in order for the maps and location searches to work.

If a Google Maps account has already been setup and a new key needs to be generated for a separate licenses follow the steps below.

Generating a New Key

  1. Log in to the Google Console Credentials page:

  2. Within the Credentials page click on "+ Create Credentials":

  3. From the three options select, "API Key":

  4. The new key will be generated and it will appear in a popup screen, copy the API Key and paste it inside the General Settings Integration tab:

    >> Settings » General Settings » Integrations Tab

  5. Make sure to open the key and "Restrict" it. This will redirect to the page where the HTTP Referrers can be added:

    Google Maps Issues: Editing HTTP Referrers

  6. From there, make sure all of the APIs exist for the account:

    Google Maps Issues: Missing an API