How to Embed the Newsletter Form to a Static Page


In this article, we will be going over how to add/embed the newsletter form to a landing page using the web page builder.

There are 3 methods to accomplish this.

1. Embed the Default Widget Used in Sidebars

Sidebars can be added on any static page beside /home:

This means that a default sidebar can be customized or a new sidebar can be created to add the default sidebar newsletter widget called Bootstrap Theme - Module - Newsletter Sign Up Form.

In this example, let's create a brand new sidebar. To accomplish this, navigate to Toolbox >> Sidebar Manager >> New Sidebar:

Add Sidebar Nickname and click Save Sidebar:

Click "Edit" on the new sidebar created:

And drag and drop our newsletter widget called Bootstrap Theme - Module - Newsletter Sign Up Form and click Save Changes:

Now our sidebar is ready, we can go ahead and call it on any static page we wish. To accomplish this, navigate to Content >> Web Page Builder >> New Web Page or "Edit" on any existing page:

For this example, we went ahead and created a new web page with a unique URL and choose our newly created sidebar to display under Display Options:

After saving changes, this is how it displays on the front-end:

2. Embed the Newsletter Form Shortcode Directly Onto the Page

Every form in Brilliant Directories software comes with its own shortcode that can be copied so it can be called on any static page. To copy the shortcode of Website - Newsletter Signup Form navigate to Toolbox >> Form Manager >> Click "Copy to Clipboard" under Actions:

Now on the newly created static page or existing page, paste this code to call this form:

This is how it would display on the front end after saving changes:

3. Use a Customized Modal Pop-Up Link

To accomplish this method, first, create a new static page or make edits on an existing page by adding a simple button by using Draggable Content Blocks:

Click on code view and add the following code before the closing > (Before the title of the button):

data-target="#newsletter_subscribe_modal" data-toggle="modal"

Lastly, exit out of code view and call the Bootstrap Theme - Modal - Newsletter Subscribe widget by using its shortcode on the bottom of the page. To learn how to call a widget on a page, please see the article down below:

[widget=Bootstrap Theme - Modal - Newsletter Subscribe]

How To Call A Widget On A Custom Page

This is how it would display after saving changes and clicking the button on the front end: