Community Comments


This is a Free Add-On and Enabled on All Websites


With the Community Comments Add-On, enable comments on all of the Post Type detail pages by logged-in members.

Add native comment functionality to the website. Logged-in, active members will be able to leave comments on the website’s content and reply to other members’ comments.

This website add-on eliminates the need to use a third-party solution, such as Disqus, and provides a seamless user experience.

Enabling the Add-On

  1. Go to Interactions » Post Comments:

  2. In the next page click on "Comment Settings":

  3. Within Comment Settings select "Yes" to enable the functionality:

  4.  Select the post types that will allow comments, keep in mind it's possible to filter by keyword:

  5. Add the Default Title Text for Comments Section and the Maximum Character Limit of Each Comment (1000 characters is the maximum limit):

  6. After selecting the post types that allow comments,  a list of settings will appear to configure the functionality per post type, click on each tab to review them:

In-Depth Look at the Settings

1. Use an alternate title for this Comment Section: This option allows admins to use a different title per post type, instead of the default one. This is what the title will look like:

2. Moderate Comments Before Being Published: These comments can be approved/declined in the backend Admin dashboard explained in the section below.

Text Label Variable: comments_pending_approval

3. Display Comments Count In Search Results?


4. Display Comments Count on Post Details Page:

Yes - Above Post

Yes - Above Comment Section

Yes - Above Post and Comment Section

Showing Member Badges on Post Comments 

If the Member Badges Add-on is enabled on the website, the badges will display once a comment is submitted:

Filter Post Comments via Keyword Search 

Available Sort Order Options for Comments

Backend/Admin Functionality

  1. Bulk Change Status:

  2. Post Type

  3. Filter Status

  4. Member Name or ID

  5. Keyword or Post Title

Individual Actions within each Comment

  1. Actions Drop-down:

  2. Member Information:

  3. Individual Status Change:

  4. Post Title Link:

  5. "View All Comments":

  6.  Edit the comment:

NOTE: Members must be active in order to be able to post a comment. If a not active member attempts to comment a post an error message will display letting them know their account must be active: