How To Customize The Member Profile URL Structure


By default the URL structure of member profiles is: Country Name / City Name / Top Level Category / Member Name

The way to customize this structure is by navigating to Settings >> Advanced Settings and searching for the advanced setting:

Member Profile URL Structure

System Variable: member_profile_url_structure


To add a new value select the plus sign next to the variable name:

To alter the structure of the URL drag and drop each variable to the correct place:

The member_name element can also be structured in a way to show "First Name - Last Name" or "Last Name - First Name" with the advanced setting: 

First And Last Name Order In Profile Page URL

System Variable: first-last-name-order-in-profile-url

Once the Member Profile URL structure is customized, click Save to update this for all new members that register to the site. 

**Important Note: If the URL structure is updated and members of the directory save their Contact Details form, a 301 redirect will be automatically created from the old URL to the new one. Meaning that the changes will only apply for new members or when an existing member saves their Contact Details form again.