Admin Accounts » Invite Admin +


This functionality allows the owner of a website to send out invites for any new accounts for the other Admins or team members that will have access to the website. 

Inviting Admins 

Go to Settings » Admin Accounts » Invite Admin + :

A popup will appear where the Email and Role can be added:

The "Invite Another" option adds 2 additional invitation slots:

Now add the emails and select the Role:

Roles will appear in a drop-down format:

**Note - if additional slots have been added, they need to be filled out in order for the form to send the invites. If not, the additional slots will appear in red and will need to be removed using the "X":

Once "Send Invite" is clicked and the invites get sent out, a success alert will appear:

Accepting Invitations 

The invitation email will land in the inbox:

Clicking on "Click to Accept Invitation" will redirect the new admin to a page where they can add their Full Name and Password:

Once this information is filled out the new admin will be automatically logged in to their new account:

Admin Invite Email Template

The invitation uses the email template: admin-invite-link

Additional Information:

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