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It is possible to create members' lists based on searches completed in the Search Members section under the My Members.  

To start the process of creating a Smart List, first, navigate to My Members >> Search Members and conduct a search based on any of the available parameters:

More information about this section can be found in the article down below:

Search Members Overview 

Once the search has been completed, a smart list can be created of this result by clicking on the Create Smart List from Current Result option:

Once clicked, a module will display where the name of this smart list can be specified:

The following success message will show up once the list has been created successfully:

To view and edit the newly created list, navigate to My Members >> Smart Lists:

1) Edit the Smart List.

2) If the Export Member Data Add-On is active, Smart Lists can also be exported into downloadable files.

3) Number of members on the list.

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.