Google Maps: Removing All Maps


Google Maps is used for everything related to locations in the system: 

  • Contact Details form 
  • Members choosing Service Areas in the Member Dashboard 
  • Members setting locations for posts when creating them 
  • Displaying maps on profile pages 
  • Displaying maps in the sidebars of profile pages or post pages 
  • Users searching for members and posts by location 
  • Users sharing their location to auto-fill location search fields (Detect Visitor Locations add-on)

Removing any of this functionality will impact the user experience, so it is a matter of deciding which trade offs to make and disable that functionality accordingly.

How To Remove Maps 

1. Limiting the areas on the site using location search fields of any kind which uses the "Places API" and "Geocoding APIs":

A) Contact Details Form:

** With the Contact Details form, we recommend that it be left alone - as removing all of the other maps functionality will reduce costs. With this being said, it is possible to remove the maps from the form as well.

The map with the pin can be removed from the form and this will reduce usage/costs -

The setting to disable the map will be inside: 

Content » Edit Post Setting » "Post Type" Edit » General Settings » Additional Settings

Set to "NO":

The form will have the Location Bar and Form fields without the interactive map:

The reason we recommend leaving this form alone is that this form helps provide the most accurate locations for the members when searching for them in the admin section:

Instead, simply hide the location from the Breadcrumbs inside the SEO Template:

In one of the steps below, we shows how to remove the map and address from the profile as well, to remove all of the locations from the front-end.

B) Post Type Forms:

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Post Forms

** This example uses the Coupons form. **

Additional Information:

» Toolbox » Form Manager Folder

C) Search Modules:

Homepage -

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Homepage 

** Do not use any of the "Location Search" or Maps **

Header Mini Nav & Sidebars -

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Header Mini Nav 

Where to Remove the Location Searches for Sidebars:

** Do not use any of the Location modules **

Additional Information:

» Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

2. Location fields and/or rendering the Google Map in Get Matched lead forms (though this is probably minimal compared to searches):

A) Get Matched Page:

B) Profile Pages:

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Lead Forms

1) Set the Location Fields to "NO":

2) Decrease usage by switching to "Only Input"

Additional Information:

» Leads » Manage Leads » Lead Settings » (Auto-Match Workflows) » Form Settings

3. The display of Google Maps themselves on profile pages and search results pages (JavaScript API):

A) Profile Pages:

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Profile Pages 

Hide Google Maps in the Overview Tab: "Do Not Display"

B) Search Results Pages (with the Google Map Search Results Add-On):

Where to Remove the Location Searches for: Search Results Pages 

First disable the maps inside 

Content » Edit Post Settings » Member Listings » Search Results tab » Additional Settings:

Scroll all the way down:

Now inside the Design Settings » Search Results Design select either List or Grid view for the results:

The Map button no longer appears:

When trying to select Map view once this has been disabled, it will need to enabled again:

4. If the Detect Visitor Locations Add-On, disabling this would reduce usage as well:

Additional Information:

» Detect Visitor Locations Add-On