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By default all sites come a two ways for the website visitors and members to submit a lead - The Get Matched page/form and the Profile Contact forms. In this article we will go over where to find these pages/form and where to check them.

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1. Get Matched Page & Form

The “Get Matched” form is used to have general inquiries come to the site directly to have matched to members that meet the criteria set by the website visitor. To put it simply, the website visitor is looking to be contacted by members on the website that are able to assist him/her.

This is a growing use of online directories. Rather than spending hours browsing the Internet to find businesses that can help, users can now fill a single form and have those businesses come to them!

If someone is looking for a carpenter in Detroit, send that inquiry to all of the members that are located in Detroit that have checked off “carpenter” as one of their specialties.

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» Member Leads » Lead Settings » General Settings » Form Settings ** this will apply for the Member Profile Form as well **

2. Member Profile Forms

The primary source of leads come from users trying to contact the members directly on their profile pages. Brilliant Directories makes it possible for the site admin to send the content of that lead to as many of the members possible. 

Within the Profile there are two forms that can be filled out.. The first one is the sidebar Contact Form:

This form can be removed or added to a site inside the Sidebar Manager:

The other way to send a direct lead to a member is through the Send Message button:

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Leads Folder in the Admin Dashboard:

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» Basic Lead Package Documentation Folder

» Auto-matching (Advanced) Leads Add-On Documentation Folder


Where does the Website Member check their Leads?

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Advanced Functionality:

If this Advanced Setting is enabled and set to ON, members will not be able to send messages to themselves from their own profile pages.

>> disable_self_leads

When the setting is disabled, the leads form appears:

When enabled, the following message appears: