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By default, all sites come with a categories page that can be accessed using the /categories  URL and through the Footer Menu link on the Homepage:

This will allow the website visitors and members to browse through all of the categories available on the site:

For sites with a lot of categories, the search bar makes it easy for the website users to quickly find what they are looking for, which will search for any matching keywords:

The order in which the categories are displayed on this page can be changed in the General Settings section under the Search Settings tab of the admin dashboard as seen below:

Back-End Information:

The /categories web page can be found inside My Content » Web Page Builder:

The first three items on this image can be edited to fit the website:

1. URL

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changing the URL of this page will not change all the links throughout the website (like the footer link shown above). If a change is made in the /categories URL, this new URL should be updated under the following Advance Setting as well:

For example, if the web page's URL is changed from /categories to /categories-1, the advanced setting specified above should be updated to /categories-1 as well. The advanced setting is called categories_page_url.

2. Page Title (H1)

3. Sub Title (H2)

4. This widget is the one that displays the categories inside the Categories page on the site.

[widget=Bootstrap Theme - Category Groups - Member Categories]

5. This is the standard sidebar that will appear on all Web Pages. 

Additional Information:

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Editing the Categories:

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Designing the Categories Page:

1) Text and Images can be added inside the WYSIWYG editor and they will appear on the Categories Page:

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2) Use the Hero Section: 

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TIP - Advanced Setting:

If the site has a lot of categories but you'd like to only display the categories that have been selected by at least one member, make sure to disable this setting under General Settings:

Compared to the image above, the categories page list is a lot shorter when the setting is enabled. Only 4 Top Level Categories are being displayed out of the 18 that are available to members.