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The Lead Module is the engine that connects the website visitors to the website members. When someone wants to contact a member on the website, the following basic functionality occurs.

Emails Sent Out

  • Website member gets an email notifying them that someone has tried to contact them:

  • Website visitor gets an email from the website notifying them that their request has been received and they can expect to get a reply from the business or professional shortly:

  • The Directory admin gets an email notifying them that a lead has been submitted on the website:

These emails will print out the lead information contained in the get matched form as well as the origin page. If custom fields have been added in the form, these will display in the email when enabled in the form settings

For more information about this please refer to this article: In-Depth Look Into Form Fields And Their Settings

There are 2 options when sending the members their new lead information:

  • member-lead-preview: This email includes a message preview to the members. THe members will have a link that logs them into their accounts instantly which gives them the opportunity to accept or decline the lead.

  • member-lead-complete: This email includes the entire message and contact details of the website visitor. By sending the complete lead, essentially the necessity of interacting with the website is removed. Also, by sending the complete lead, the members will not be required to "accept" the lead, which in turn makes it impossible to keep track of which leads have been accepted.

The system will follow this same email format for mobile display:

These templates can be edited by going to Emails » Email Templates. To learn more about how to edit email templates visit:

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