Sendgrid Integration - Increase Daily Email Limits


With the Sendgrid Integration, it is possible to use a personal/business SendGrid account to send all emails instead of using the Brilliant Directories system.

Inside Settings >> General Settings >> Integrations Tab are the Sendgrid options:

By default the emails are sent via Sendgrid, using our Brilliant Directories account, which has a limit of 1,500 emails per day.

To increase the number of emails sent per month connect a Sendgrid API:

 "Use my API Key (No Limit)"

This will open up a section to add the API Key:

Additional Resources

To get a Sendgrid account and API go to the link below:

>> Sendgrid Pricing Plans

To enable Sendgrid Statistics within the BD system follow the steps below: 

>> Sendgrid Integration: Enable Statistics Tracking

** Important Note: When a personal Sendgrid API is being used, even though there is No Limit to the number of emails that can be sent out in a day, there is a limit within the system that will not allow for more than 5,000 emails to be sent out per batch. This means, that multiple batches can be sent, but containing no more than 5,000 emails per campaign. **