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Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000055666-quick-link-visit-website-frontend-admin-manager-menu

What is the Admin Bar?

Admin Bar is a tool that helps directory owners make live design edits on the front end. It also serves purpose for locating the SEO Templates, Static Web Pages, Widgets etc.

We will be focusing on how to locate the widgets and Text Labels using this tool in this article.

How Can I Access to This Tool?

After logging into the admin, click Visit Website button, clicking the Visit Website button redirects to the homepage:

Notice something extra on the left? That's the Admin Bar:

Admin Bar Options:

Website Dashboard:   This option will link back to the Dashboard in the Admin Back End.

Go to the Widget Manager: Clicking here redirects to the Widget Manager in the back end.

Edit Static Page: Edit the Static Page that's currently displaying. This will work only the page that's open is a Static page.

Edit SEO Template:  Click here to edit the SEO Templates that's currently open in the frontend. This option will only show if the current page is a dynamic page.

Show Widgets: Click here to see all the widgets that are being used on the current page. This view will also include text labels, forms, and menus. Default items will be highlighted in red and Custom items will appear in blue.  Click on awidget to open it on the Widget Manager. This article explains how to navigate this view:  Locating the Widgets Via Admin Bar

Show Text Labels: This will display all the text labels for that page. Click here to see How to edit Text Labels on the Front end of the Site.

Design View: Click on the Design View to open the Design Bar and make live design changes.

Refresh Cache: Refresh Live Site to make sure the changes are reflected on the site.

Exit Admin Bar: This will close the Admin Bar.