Account Dashboard


It is really important to know where to find the Site ID, especially when the admin account has more than two sites, this information needs to be included when submitting a new ticket for support.


To find the Site ID, log into the admin, and look at the top left corner of the page, click on the dropdown arrow next to the website name:

This will display the website name, ID, status and License linked to this site, as well as the domain that's currently connected:

At the bottom, there will be a blue button to "View My Websites". Alternatively, you can also click on the "Manage Websites" button to the right.

This will display all websites linked to this particular admin account (active, cancelled and pending activation). This section also includes a list of the Add-Ons pending activation, as well as the Quick Start videos and at the bottom, there is also a shortcut link to contact support easily.

Dashboard: View Active Websites

The information displayed in this section includes:

  1. Website Name, URL, Site ID and Admin Role.
  2. Current Plan, Active Status and Date Launched.
  3. Member Count, Revenue and Add-Ons info
  4. Link to the Admin Backend.

Pending Activation: Websites to Activate

If there is more than one license purchased, but they're not yet activated these will display right under Websites to Activate.


Each website will also display the Website ID #, date added, the type of plan and if it has any Add-ons subscriptions assigned. 

To the right a button "Click to Activate +" will display in green:

Pending Activation: Add-Ons to Activate

Any purchased Add-Ons still pending activation will be listed in this tab. Use the Click to Activate button to assign the Add-On  to one of the Website Licenses.

The following pop-up window will appear. Select the site to activate the Add-On from the dropdown list, then Click to Activate Product:


Pending Activation: Suspended Websites

Any suspended licenses will be listed here before being permanently deleted. Please contact support to recover an account that has been suspended.


Support Center: View All Tickets

Get a list of the tickets that have been opened with this account. The information includes the date on which each ticket was opened, the Subject, and it's current status. Click on View Ticket to reply:


After clicking on View Ticket the information that displays is the same information displayed on the previous page. The original message displays on top, and at the bottom, there is a text editor to reply to the ticket and attach images:

Support Center: Getting Started Videos

This selection of videos provides valuable guidance to any new Brilliant Directories owner. Check back with this section to cover the basics or go over some of the main features required to launch a website.

Support Center: Create Support Ticket +

Submit new tickets by selecting a website from the website dropdown menu, specifying the page presenting the issue (optional), and providing relevant information regarding the inquiry on this form.

Remember screenshots and detailed explanations to replicate the issue go a long way in helping the coaches provide accurate and fast support!