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A Static Page is a page that does not have any dynamic content. The website only comes with a few default static pages since the majority of the web pages are Dynamic Pages (search result pages, profile pages, and post content). 

Some of the most common default Static Pages include:

  • Homepage - Can only be one Homepage
  • Login Page
  • Pricing Page
  • How It Works
  • Contact Us Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Search By Location
  • Search By Category
  • Get Matched 
  • Password Retrieval

Where Are Static Pages Located In The Admin?

It is possible to locate the existing Static Pages by going to Content - Web Page Builder:

To edit any of these pages simply click on the Edit button. To view, clone or delete an existing static page hoover over Actions and select accordingly: 


1. View Page: Redirects the admin to the page from the front end. It shows how members/visitors see the page. 

2. Clone: This action will clone the page exactly how it is. The admin will be required to change the Permalink since 2 pages cannot have the same one.

3. Delete: Click here to permanently delete the page, it cannot be recovered unless a backup is done to the site.

In this section, it is also possible to select the display order of the pages and search by keyword:

To learn how to create a new Static Page, please click on the link below:

How to Create a New Static Page