Spam Form Protector Add-On


This is a Free Add-On and Enabled on All Websites


Brilliant Directories websites already include anti-spam measures like reCaptcha and honeypots, but spam is relentless. Bots always seem to find a way through a website’s defenses.

Enhance the site’s form security with Spam Form Protector by defining a set of keywords that are considered spam. The system will then block any submissions that contain those keywords.

Features & Benefits

  • List the specific keywords/phrases that the admin considers spam.
  • No limit for how many keywords the admin can blacklist.
  • Below is a list of recommended keywords to blacklist.
  • Form submissions containing spam keywords will be blocked.
  • Focus time on the business instead of dealing with spam.

Enabling the Add-On

Enter Blocked Keywords:

Navigate to Settings >> General Settings, click on the "Integrations". First in the Integrations is the Blocked Spam Keywords list, the admin can add additional keywords that will be blocked or leave this list as is:

Important: Below is the comma separated list of curated keywords and phrases that we have found to be commonly included in spam form submissions. 

$$$, /click, .click, 24/7, .html, .ru, [/url, [img, [url, aceteminophen, act now, adderall, additional income, adidas, adipex, adultdating, advicer, air%20jordan, air jordan, air-jordan, airjordan, air%20max, air max, air-max, airmax, ambien, animated video, baccarrat, bad credit, bdsm, bitcoin,, blackjack, bllogspot, beautiful girls, bonus offer, boost traffic, boost revenue, boost your traffic, boost your revenue, boyfriend, carisoprodol, casino, cephalaxin, cialis, citalopram, click below, click here, click the link, click on the link, clomid, coolhu, crypto, cyclen, cyclobenzaprine, cymbalta, dating, deposit now, discreetordering, domain=, doxycycline,, emailsz, ephedra, essay, fastmail, few clicks, fioricet, freenet, free registration, free shipping, gamble, gambling, gdf, gds, girlfriend,, goodoffers, hair loss, hair-loss, hairloss, holdem, hqtube, hot girl, hot woman, hot women, hydrocodone, incest, increase traffic, increase revenue, increase your traffic, increase your revenue, Instant approval, interesting offering, iphone, just click, jrcreations, laminine, lawyer-emails, levitra, lexapro, lipitor, loans, lorazepam, lunestra, macinstruct, mailfence, marketing video, meridia, msgsafe, naked, new%20balance, new balance, new-balance, newbalance, nike, ninja video, now!, nude, offilive, omega, opt out, opt-out, ottawavalleyag, ownsthis, oxycodone, oxycontin, paxil, percocet, perweek, pharmacies, pharmacy, phentermine, prescription, poker, porn, poze, propecia, protonmail, remove here, roulette, slot machine, scryptmail, slotmachine, slot-machine, soma, sperm, thorcarlson, TikTok, Tik Tok, tinyurl, trading platform, trading system, tramadol, tumblr, tutanota, ultram, unsubscribe/remove, unsubscribe here, url=, valium, valtrex, viagra, vicodin, vicoprofen, video marketing, video stream, vioxx, website traffic, weight loss, weightloss, weight-loss, wholesale, xanax, xenical, yopmail, yourmail, you won, zoho, zolus, cliptik, geroev, shayzam, khtyler, nando1, providier, datasoma, lagify, zdfpost, earn$, get$, invest$, from$, make$, earn $, get $, invest $, from $, make $, earnmoney, getmoney, investmoney, makemoney, earn money, get money, invest money, make money, no-reply, noreply, ¬, µ, Б, в, Г, д, Ђ, Ё, ж, З, и, й, Л, њ, П, Ф, Ц, Ч, џ, Ш, Щ, Ъ, ы, Э, Ю, Я, Ѓ, С, 主, 云, 享, 克, 內, 分, 北, 及, 台, 器, 報, 學, 室, 專, 小, 市, 情, 戲, 技, 揚, 擬, 擴, 教, 有, 格, 機, 歌, 無, 營, 禾, 空, 線, 華, 萬, 落, 虛, 蜂, 蜜, 術, 計, 設, 遊, 部, 間, 限, 音, 風, 麥, 專, 業, 光, 碟, 教, 學, 網, 站, 娛, 樂, 城, 介, 紹, 國, 中, 基, 測, 歷, 屆, 試, 題, 命, 心, 滿, 送, 歐, 客, 佬, 精, 品, 咖, 咖, 啡, 太, 達, 數, 位, 媒, 體rn

Block Spoof Characters


Spammers will often submit messages using characters that look like English letters but are not (also called "homoglyphs"). It is recommended to block these characters on sites that use English exclusively.

NOTE: The admin can get very specific as to what to block by using double quotes ( " ). 

e.g.: Block the word "sex" without the system blocking locations like Sexton, Iowa or Middlesex County, UK.

Block Disposable Email Addresses

Spammers will often submit messages or sign up using disposable email addresses. It is recommended to block these on sites experiencing higher levels of unwanted sign-ups. 

Below is the default list of emails that we have found to be commonly used for spam form submissions:,,, 0815.ry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NOTES: This will only apply to email field types in forms. This list will only block exact matches for email domains.

We advise against blocking commonly used email domains, such as,,,,,, etc. 

Should a particular email address persistently spam the website, it should NOT be included in the disposable email addresses. Instead use the "Enter Blocked Keywords" section, using the blocked keywords list that email address will be treated as a spam trigger

For instance: entering "[email protected]" would ensure this specific email address is blocked without impacting other addresses within the same domain.

Restore Recommended Block List

Restoring the block list will allow the admin to update the list so it includes all of the latest blocked spam keywords. Any updates to this list will be published along with our other Weekly Software Updates.

Front-End Use

When logging in as the admin of the website, the forms will show the exact reason the form is not submitting. This error message, outlining the reason why the form cannot be submitted will not appear for the end user. The members or users will see a shorter version of the error:

User or Member

The Spam Form Protector will work on the following forms:

  • Sign Up - Paid Member
  • Sign Up - Free Member
  • Website - Newsletter Footer
  • Website - Newsletter Sidebar
  • Website - Lead Form - Get Matched
  • Website - Contact Us
  • Listing - Write Review

From now on, if a member or user enters any of the keywords that have been added to the block list, the system won't let the user submit the form. 

The admin can easily see all of the details for any forms that were denied due to SPAM Form Protector in the Activity Tracker:

Additional Functionality

All sites comes with two Advanced Settings that can further enhance the functionality of this add-on.

1. SPAM Protection - Member Signup Form Submission Time

With this setting, the admin can specify the minimum number of seconds it should take to submit member signup forms once the page loads. All submissions that take less time will be blocked as SPAM. Set to 0 (default) to disable this functionality. Choose any other number to set the number of seconds.

System Variable: submit_time_security

2. SPAM Checker - Skip These Form Fields

With this setting, the admin can enter a comma-separated list of the field variable names that the built-in SPAM Checker should not check for SPAM.

System Variable: ignore_spam_fields