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Sidebar Alignment Options

This article reviews the settings available to edit the Sidebars across the website. A sidebar is referred to a widget-ready area to display information, custom created widgets can be placed on this area. It is a vertical column on the side of webpages inside the website.

Additional Information: Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

To edit these settings navigate to:

  • Settings
  • Design Settings
  • Additional Components
  • Sidebar Alignment Options

Visual Guide of the Sidebar Alignment Options

These are the default Sidebars on the site:

There are 5 available options within each drop down:

  • Left Slim
  • Left Wide
  • Right Slim
  • Right Wide
  • Do Not Display

1. Left Slim on the Member Search Results:

2. Right Wide on the Member Profile Pages:

3. Do Not Display on the Post Search Results:

4. Left Wide on the Post Details Page:

5. Global Website Search sidebar: 

Use the link to see examples of the Global Website Search Add-on

6. Personal Post Feed Search sidebar: 

Use the link to see examples of the Personal Post Feed Add-on

7.  Do Not Display on the Checkout Pages :