How To Call A Menu On A Webpage


In this article, we are going to learn how to call a menu on a webpage or on a widget.

To accomplish this, navigate to Toolbox >> Widget Manager and click Copy Shortcode under Actions on the preferred menu. We will be using the shortcode of Side by Side Pricing Menu (add-on) for example purposes.

Once copied, this shortcode can be called on any webpages or widgets. For this example purposes, we will be calling this menu on a new webpage with an URL of /pricing-test. To accomplish this, navigate to Content >> Web Page Builder >> Click "New Web Page":

In this section, paste the copied shortcode, assign a unique URL, and click Save Web Page:

The menu will be rendered on this new web page on the fly:

The same logic can be implemented when to call a menu on a widget. Simply copy the shortcode of the preferred menu and paste it on the custom/default widgets HTML tab: