How To Change Email MX Records


If the domain nameservers are currently directed to Brilliant Directories, but the preference is to handle website emails using a 3rd party platform like Google Workspace, the user will need to edit the MX records. The process can be completed as follows:

Go to Developers >> cPanel.

Look for DNS, click on Zone Editor:

Click on Manage:

Filter by selecting MX.

Finally, include the 3rd Party MX Entries or MX Entry.

On the following example, Google's MX Record is being added using the following data from Google:

Google Workspace MX record values 

For website administrators who signed up before 2023, it is necessary to make use of Google's previous MX records.

Website administrators who signed up in 2023 or later are required to utilize Google's simplified MX record.

Go back to the DNS Zone Editor. Click on MX to filter.

Please allow 3 hours for the changes to propagate.

Note: Please note there are known issues with changing MX records to point to Go Daddy. Emails are known not to get through their security filters.