800 Essential Business Categories

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000030833-800-essential-business-categories


Starting a local business directory? Don’t waste time manually adding categories or searching the web for hours. With the Essential Business Categories add-on, kickstart the directory and receive 800 business categories.

Save time and focus on more important tasks. Once loaded into the site, add, edit and remove categories to fit the website.

How To Get This Add-On
  1. Websites with the VIP Add-Ons Club automatically have this add-on available: Join The VIP Add-Ons Club
  2. Purchase Individually: 800 Business Categories

Enabling the Add-On

We will NOT install this right away unless requested to do so. Submit a new ticket requesting that the categories be uploaded to the site and let us know if the admin wishes to keep their current category structure or completely remove it and simply keep the 800+ categories provided here. 

See the attached image for a full list of the categories.