Claimable Business Listings



Start generating passive revenue with the Claimable Business Listing Add-On. This tool converts imported business data into paying members – a strategy used by Yelp  and Yellow Pages.

When they find their business profile on the website, they can pay the website to CLAIM that listing and take over the account and add more relevant information about their business.

How To Get This Add-On
  1. Websites with the VIP Add-Ons Club automatically have this add-on available:
    Join The VIP Add-Ons Club
  2. Purchase Individually: Claimable Business Listings Add-On

Using the Add-On

Below the admin will find the necessary steps and flow to understand Claim Listings:

  1. What are claim listings?
  2. Create a Membership Level / Product that will act as a placeholder for the claim listing profiles.
  3. Assign the Claim Listing Level to the members that the admin has imported.
  4. See how a member claim their listing.
  5. Sending an email with the link to the claim listing profile.

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1. What are Claim Listings?

Make sure to read these 3 articles thoroughly: 

The Ultimate Guide To Claim Listings - Part 1

The Ultimate Guide To Claim Listings - Part 2

The Ultimate Guide To Claim Listings – Part 3

Emails » Send Newsletter » New Email Newsletter

2. Create a Membership Level / Product That will act as a Placeholder for the Claim Listing Profiles

Finance >> Membership plans >> Click on Membership plan + :

For this new membership plan, add a title, in this example, call it "My Claim Listings" because it is just a placeholder, a vessel to group our Claim Listing Members.

On the Sign Ups & Upgrades select under Account Type: "Claim", once done click on Save Changes:

The Claim Listing Web Link setting is used to specify the URL that the "Claim Listing" button will lead to when the user claiming the listing click on that button, they will be redirected to the link specified in the plan settings:

On the Profile Page tab on the Membership plan settings there is a setting  "Make a Connection" / "Claim Listing" Banner Position to determine the positioning of the claim listing banner, the options are:

- Above Profile Photo
- Below Profile Photo
- Hide - Do Not Display

NOTE: When the account type is saved as "Claim", the system will disable the "Sign-Up Page" URL.


So now we have the Claim Listings Plan:

3. Assign the Claim Listing Level to the Members that the admin is Importing


  • It is not necessary to add an email to the import file because the system will auto-generate emails for them.
  • If the admin does not know how to format the CSV import file please check the following resource Importing Members Via CSV file.

Once the import file is ready to be imported, the admin must do the following so the claim listing members are in the proper membership level.

Go to Members >> Import Members >> Import CSV File:

Then select the membership plan "My Claim Listings":

Now go to Finance >> Membership Plans to view the claim listing members:

4. See How the Members Claim Their Listing

Go to Members >> Search Members >> Click on Actions >> View Live Profile:

Now the admin can see that there is a Claim Listing message, the prospective member will need to click the Claim Listing button to claim their listing:

Once they clicked the button, the system will take them to the pricing page to select the Membership Level or Product, that they would like to acquire on the website:

The website will take them to a secure page to add their email and password:

Lastly, they can add all of their details to their profile:

5. Send an email with the link to the claim listing profile.

There's no premade email template that will invite users to claim their profile. But this can be easily created in the Emails » Email Templates » New Email Template

To add a link that will take the user directly to their profile page use the following:


Once the email template is ready it can be selected in the newsletter tool: Emails » Send Newsletter » New Email Newsletter

To get recommendations on how to proceed with an email campaign for Claim Listings, please refer to the following article: 

The Ultimate Guide To Claim Listings – Part 3