Verification For A G Suite Account (Gmail) For Email


G Suite is our recommended solution for 3rd party email platforms. 

Please note that Google changes their workflow and design often, so the steps below may not be 100% accurate at the time of reading.  For the most up to date documentation from Google on this topic, please reference their documentation here:

To verify a G Suite Account please follow these instructions -

Go to and click on "Get Started":

Google also provides a free service to have them help with the setup: Set up G Suite for your organization

Verification Process:

Now it is time to add one of the ways provided by Google for the "Verification Step" -


2. TXT Record:

Login to the admin of a website and go to Developer Hub » cPanel Dashboard » "Zone Editor":

**Important Note: The cPanel dashboard layout is continuously being updated, however, all the instructions presented in this article apply in the same way.

We recommend using the keyword search tool to find specific sections:


Inside the DNS Zone Editor click on "Manage":

Add the records for the site: