Welcome to the Design Settings video for Brilliant Directories' Quick Start Setup Guide. This video will guide you through all of the major features and customizable design options within the Design Settings of the Brilliant Directories platform.

First, navigate to Settings >> Design Settings on the back-end and this section is organized under 5 tabs:

The easiest way to start designing the website would be via the Color Sets tab where Pre-Made Color Sets can be found:

Simply select the preferred Color Set and click Save Changes. To customize this even further, navigate to the General tab where we have a lot of dropdown options to further customize the site:

Font color and font family can be changed under the Main Website Design dropdown:

More information regarding this General tab section and more can be found in the article down below:

Design Settings Tab

There is also the option to start with a brand new pre-made theme. More information regarding how to choose a theme for your site can be found in the article down below:

How To Preview & Activate A ThemeĀ