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What is a Sidebar 

A sidebar is a container that holds widgets and is used to usually display the following type of widgets: banner ads, search modules, and newsletter signup modules, among others. to the side of web pages. The Brilliant Directories platform comes with a set of predefined sidebars that can be modified and updated according to the website's needs. 

Sidebar Examples 

Post Details Pages:

Static Pages:

Member Search Results:

Additional Information:

This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Sidebars:

  • Sidebars act as containers for widgets. They are not widgets that move widgets to the left or right of a page but only wrap around a group of widgets that will be used together. Use widgets on the site inside a Sidebar. This is why sidebars should be thought about like a container or a way of grouping widgets together.

  • Call a sidebar to a static page on the site by using the short code [sidebar=name_sidebar]

  • The name SIDEBAR does not indicate that widgets inside of it will be shown on the left or right hand side of a page. Sidebars can be displayed either on the left or right hand side of a page because there is CSS code that is being applied to it in order to move the whole sidebar and its content to one or the other side.

  • When trying to use a sidebar on a specific page that does not offer an option for sidebars (Like the membership features do), simply add the custom code [sidebar=Name of Sidebar]. So for example, for the sidebar named myCustomSidebar - add the following code to that page [sidebar=myCustomSidebar], and put the code in a place closest to where it is to be shown on the page. After which, customize the style of the sidebar with some CSS code in order to make it look correct or to mimic the look of another sidebar on a different page.

  • Using a sidebar on a page, does not guarantee that the sidebar will look the same on another page. This is because as previously stated, sidebars behave as containers for multiple widgets and do not include any CSS style to move left or right on a particular page.