Default Lead Action & Creating New Lead Actions


The following documentation is exclusively for the "Advanced Leads Package":

» Automatic Lead Matching Add-On

To learn about what a "Lead Action" is, please click here. 

The following articles covers the "Default Action" as well as how to create a custom "Lead Action". 

The Default Lead Action

Every Brilliant Directories website is launched with the Default Lead Action. This action can't be deleted, and is applied to all of the membership levels. 

Access the "Main Action (Default Action)" by going to Leads » Lead Settings:

Creating A Custom Lead Action

Create an exemption for a specific membership level by creating a custom Lead Action.

To create a custom lead action please follow one of these 2 steps:

Go to Leads » Lead Settings » +Create New Workflow:

Or click on "Add Another Action +" inside the Auto-Match Workflows screen:

A pop-up will appear, now fill out the New Action. Specifically the following three things:

  1. Is this Action Active?
  2. Action Name
  3. Apply Action To Membership Plans

Now the New Action will appear within the Lead Settings:

It is also possible to delete an unwanted Action within the "Actions" drop-down:

Available Settings within the Actions

Form Settings:

>> Leads » Lead Settings » General Settings » Form Settings

Receiving Direct Leads:

>> Leads » Lead Settings » Receiving Direct Leads Settings

Receiving Indirect Leads:

>> Lead Settings » Receiving Indirect Leads (Automatic Lead Matching)

Additional Notifications:

>> Leads » Lead Settings » Additional Notifications Settings

Edit Advanced Lead Settings:

>> How Does Auto-Matching Work? (Edit Advanced Lead Settings)