Benefits & Limitations Of The Automatic Lead Matching Add-On


The following documentation is exclusively for the "Auto-Matching or Advanced Leads Package". To purchase the "Auto-Matching or Advanced Leads Package".

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Benefits Of Auto-Matching

More time

Eliminate the need to manually match leads to additional members.

Set the maximum number of leads that can be sent for every lead entry
For example, set it so that up to 10 members can be sent an email notifying them of a new lead.

Set the maximum number of lead acceptance

This ensures that the website visitors do not get contacted by dozens of members. Such an experience would be considered as “spam” by most. By setting the limit to “3” for example, the site could technically send out the lead to 50 members but only have a maximum of 3 that can contact the website visitor.

More time to focus on marketing 

The less manual tasks that the team need to complete, the more focus can be used on marketing and sales.

Limitations Of Auto-Matching

Lower Quality Of Leads

There is no way to prevent a solicitation or poor lead from being sent to the members with the auto-matching turned on. 

Expert Tip

Never charge for leads if the auto-matching turned on. Paying for a poor lead is the fastest way to lose members.