How To Manage Leads Sent To Claim Listings


If claim listings have been imported into the site, chances are that the listings do not have up-to-date emails. In our Ultimate Guide On Claim Listings we explain that Claim Listings should be used primarily to give the website credibility and provide search results for the visitors.

This does not mean that the Claim Listings will not be getting leads. The majority of traffic at the early stages of the website are direct google searches for the businesses found on the directory.

If a Claim Listing is contacted, we recommend finding their email address and phone number immediately via a web search. Once this is found, update their profile, and move them to a separate membership level that isolates any claim listing that has gotten a lead so that a segmented campaign can be sent to them later. 

Once the Claim Listing's record has been updated, we always recommend re-sending the lead from the admin so that the member receives an email. If the listing did not have their actual email, the initial lead notification was never received by them. 

Now is the time get someone on the phone to let them know they are a claim listing on the website and have a lead sitting in their account. There are two primary goals on this call:

  1. Get them to open the email that was sent to them
  2. Change their account password to take control of the account

There is one important detail that must be covered if this strategy is applied. By sending the lead email, they will be providing with a means of login to their account without knowing them knowing their account password or claiming their profile. This means that om the call they MUST complete these steps:

  1. Tell them to click on the link in the email

Provide them with the temporary password, making it an easy one for them. Once they have this, they can complete the steps for changing their password:

Changing a Members Password

There is one final step that needs to be completed by the site owner/admin, and that is to manually move them to the free level so that they are no longer listed as a Claim Listing.

If for any reason the business listing is not interested, we recommend removing the listing from the website and contacting the lead submitter to offer to match them to additional businesses.

Important Note: Claim listing emails with that contain only numbers @ the Email Domain of the site will not be  automatically matched to lead emails. (E.g: [email protected])

To resend a lead access Interactions >> Member Leads >> Find the lead, click on Actions >> Match Lead

Scroll down and look for Matched Members, hover the mouse on top of the Name of the member and click on Resend Email to send.